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What is Zombie Paintball?

Zombie paintball is appearing at more and more corn mazes, pumpkin patches and other Fall farm venues in Alabama.  Following on the popularity of anything having to do with zombies (remember how the Canadian government even had a zombie apocalypse preparedness day?) many Halloween attractions, particularly those on farms, are having a new event called "zombie paintball".Zombies attacking in zombie paintball

The concept is pretty simple: typically, patrons pay a fee to be given a loaded paintball gun which is mounted on either a haywagon (which drives through the zombie field) or on a ledge (like at a shooting range) and they fire away at zombies (actors dressed to look like zombies, whose clothes and masks protect them from injury).

So, just like in Shaun of the Dead, you get to fire away at zombies staggering around, trying to reach you and eat your brains!Zombie paintball from the haywagon


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