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What is Zombie Paintball?


A zombie walk is an organized public gathering of people who dress up like zombies. Participants usually meet in an urban center at a preset time and place and make their way around the city streets and public spaces (or a series of taverns in the case of a zombie pub crawl) , basically, staggering like zombies.  The idea is to create the image of a zombie apocalpse (without actual injury, death nor eating of real brains... candy brains, however are often consumed).

Zombie Walk Do's and Don'ts

Stay in character:

Stay in character; move, act and sound like a zombie. Give onlookers the impression that the area has really been taken over by the undead!

Keep in mind that since "real" zombies do not talk, take photos, or use smartphones; ask a friend who is not participating to do these things for you! And zombies do not drink, smoke, or use bad language around kid zombies! Be as weird and scary as you would like but use common sense. And that also means o naked zombies or topless zombies. We know, all of this will may be hard fro some of you, but it could result in the event being cancelled.

Be considerate:

Please remember that not everyone is there for the zombie walk. SOme won't even know about the event and are just trying to get to a doctor's appointment, home or to work. . If anyone, adult or child , seems scared or annoyed please just leave them alone and continue along the sidewalk. Do not "attack" anyone or impede anyone from getting into their vehicle, walking in or out of a business, or their own movement. continue this  The event's relationship with the area merchants and residenmts is key for future walks to happen. If you are asked at anytime to leave a business, please be a good zombie and obey!

Don't make a mess:

We are excited to see your killer costumes and make-up! However, at no time should your costume or make-up project fluids or objects. Make-up or fake blood should never find it's way onto vehicles or business floors and windows. Make-up and fake blood should not end up on spectators that are simply there to watch the fun! There is such a thing as too much make-up!

Don't eat your brains, use eyour brains to be safe:

All zombies are responsible for their own safety. Please do not walk into the street or impede traffic. Use sidewalks and crosswalks. Pay attention to streetlights and do what they tell you. Keep watch over the little zombies. People driving through town will undoubtedly be watching the zombie hoards making their way up the sidewalk and might not be paying attention.
Keep an eye out (not literally)! Theevent sponsors are not esponsible for your actions, especially the stupid ones. Even mindless zombies can have a little common sense!

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